Friday, April 18, 2008

Black Sarah

Audrey is trying to jump-start my biological clock. She asked me twice today and a few times over the past month if I am married (specifically she asks if I have a husband; she wanted Josh to be her husband until she figured out that he was already married to her mother). Sometimes in person, sometimes over the phone, and sometimes she dictates to my sister for e-mails and chats. I talk to her like she is grown up and usually either answer facetiously or else practically: Don't you think if I got married you would be invited to the wedding? I'll let you know, Audrey.

Audrey: Oh, hi Sarah. What are you doing? Is this Black Sarah?
Sarah: Of course this is Black Sarah. I miss you.
Audrey: Do you have a husband or do you live by yourself?
Sarah: I have a husband. Haven't you met him?
Audrey: I don't know. What is his name?
Sarah: Ummm... Joseph
Audrey: Are you kidding me?
Sarah: Yes, i am kidding.
Audrey: Are you kidding me, Sarah? A husband?
Sarah: I live by myself. Who should I marry?
Shannon: her prince
Sarah: Like Mary and Joseph got married.
Audrey: fhefuey
Sarah: I want to marry Prince Phillip.

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