Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I love you.

My previously empty three-bedroom apartment now has no vacancy. One of my new roommates, Olamide, works as a financial analyst for Ralph Lauren. The other, Linda, is a new flight attendant.

Two days after moving into her new place, Linda was leaving on a trip. She said, "See you later." I was almost completely unconscious at this point and Linda's voice sounded like Laura, my dear cousin. So naturally, my response to this casual acquaintance is, "I love you."
Her response, naturally, was dead silence. She weakly said, "Bye." and left. I am sure, sufficiently creeped out.

I am not typically so casual with the L word (no, not that L word), but I felt that a retraction would be more awkward than the initial event. So instead, I wrote Laura a note at the YMCA of the Rockies, where she is working as a camp counselor. I am also using my blog as the platform by which I set the record straight.

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Sara Carolina said...

that's hilarious. my friend, holly recently called and left a voicemail on my cell and at the end of the msg. said, "love you. bye." we're not exactly best friends, so it was really funny (& she's clearly not my spouse). she then called me again and said, uh, sorry, uh bye. it was pretty funny.