Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Batter up

Last night I went to an indoor batting cage place, where I did not fare quite as well as I remembered from my heyday. The 50 mph might as well have been 200 mph, considering my percentage. I brought my cashmere-lined leather gloves that the Davis family gave me for Christmas as substitute batting gloves.

Did I ever mention that when I was twelve years old I snapped an aluminum bat in two? Hmmm. Maybe I needed someone in the background last night to repeat the mantra of "Head down. Elbow up. Bend your knees. Choke up on the bat. Eye on the ball. Elbow up."


Kelly said...

Dad wants to know who the coaching genius was that gave you your hall of fame batting advice. He must be some guy. We love you and miss you... where are you flying these days?

Kelly said...

Dad said, "You forgot follow through!"

Joshua said...

this is the most ridiculous blog that i've ever encountered and i appreciate you naming the blog as such