Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I am super excited today. Rachel is flying in this evening and is coming to stay with me during her Zac Posen fashion design internship. Since I moved up to the Northeast, I have been craving face time with my friends and family. With my erratic schedule, I often end up with a weekday off when my friend Stephen is working or is in class, so having another close friend here will be so fetch. I hope that I can be a little slice of home for Stephen and Rachel in New York as they are to me.

Noor is leaving Austin for med school in Galveston, Rachel is moving to New Jersey with me, and Kevin is headed to Bournemouth, England for graduate school. I feel that if I were to move back there tomorrow it would seem an entirely different city to me as the last vestiges of my best friends are all gone (many left a year ago after graduation). However, I am certain that I will still be making trips into Austin as my little sister Kelly begins her Freshman year at UT and will be forming her own memories of the city and making new friendships.

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Shannon Morrison said...

Stop trying to make fetch happen!