Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I feel that I must plug my nieces' blogs. Click on them on the right side of the screen. Audrey's features new pictures of my nephew Clark. My niece Molly definitely has crossover appeal as she makes her way onto the Morrison blog in a matching dress and looking impossibly adorable.

Can there be anything cuter than Audrey holding a flower to Josh's nose? I defy you to show me anything more awwww-inducing. I recognize that a sizeable part of the appeal of Shannon and Brigid's blogs is the pictures and as such will attempt to include more photos on my own. Wearing clothes and everything, just for Shannon.


Bret said...

This is Sara - were you intending on posing naked for your blog photo shoots?

Shannon Morrison said...

Shan gave me guff about the first picture that I posted. I do my best to appease her.