Friday, May 11, 2007

"Read in order to live." Gustav Flaubert

My dear sister Shannon invited me to a website called GoodReads. lets you set up a profile and rate books you've read and see your friends' ratings. An excellent find on her part, particularly for those of you who read books for bragging rights and so that you can complain about movies, "The book was better." Along those same name-dropping lines, I hope that someone appreciates my rather pompous quote that I selected for this posting. features many full-length classics without (a big plus for me) any of those pesky late fines libraries are so fond of levying.


La vie est belle said...

Flaubert offends me greatly. he is a moron. he is almost as offensive (but not quite) as hawthorne who should have never been allowed near a feathery pen which would later torture innocent and unknowing high school students.

pms said...

The last book I read was made into a movie a few years ago. Maybe you saw it. The Cat in the Hat.

Sarah Bales said...

By Theodore Geisel?